Chorozima Stud
Australian & American Miniature Horses
Breeding quality Australian and American Miniature horses at affordable prices
111 Woollamia Road, Falls Creek NSW 2540

Welcome to the Chorozima Stud home page.

Chorozima Stud is dedicated at breeding high quality Australian and American Miniature horses.

Contact Us: Maurie and Jan Myers - Phone: 0417 941 030

Background on Chorozima Stud

It was not until 1993 that I first heard of Miniature horses. Growing up on a dairy farm in the Hunter Valley I had always owned horses and enjoyed riding them. I was a member of pony clubs and genuinely enjoyed the company of these animals.

Later on when I married I moved to Helensburgh were we've always had horses for our daughter's and son. Once my children had grown up and moved out I had about 6 months with no horses, I missed their companionship and how they would relaxed me after work.

It was not till 1993 whist driving past what I originally thought was a Shetland stud I called in to look at buying one, I then found out that what I saw was indeed not a Shetland but a Miniature horse.

I then purchased one and then broke it to harness. At my first harness day I saw more Miniature horses and decided to continue with them. We saw an add about American Miniature horses so we flew to Melbourne to see them, we purchased 1 imported filly and an Australian born filly.

In 1998 we purchased 16 acres of land at Falls Creek, between Nowra and Huskisson in the beautiful Shoalhaven and built our stud farm. Since then we have been breeding top quality Miniature horses from top bloodlines at affordable prices.

Visitors to the farm are always welcome, but please call first to be sure we are home. I hope you enjoy our website and if you have any further questions please contact us.